Ninja foodi fried chicken in the milner house it feels like a wonderful romance that we have been having with our ninja foodi we went from ninja foodi hard boiled eggs for our first recipe and less than a month later we are publishing recipe 10 which is the best crispy southern fried chicken ever and all thanks to the ninja foodi.

Ninja op101 foodi 7 in 1 pressure slow cooker air fryer combo cooker for 3rd we have this alternative option from ninja for a start this one may have greater appeal to those that find our top pick to be too big heavy or just too complex to meet their needs as a new user.

Slow cooker thai peanut chicken is one of our favorite meals because the kids love it so much i find that any time i can add peanut butter to dinner that doesn rsquo t include a sandwich we tend to be happier as a whole family unit because a huge pet peeve of mine is making multiple meals.

Wrapping the ham tightly in tin foil seals all of the moisture inside to keep the ham from drying out as it warms next set up the pressure cooker pot with a low rack and 1 cup of water in the bottom use a foil sling to gently lower the ham onto the rack let the pressure release naturally for at least 10 minutes so the meat stays juicy.

With 92 8 ground chicken each chicken breakfast sausage patty has 80 calories 9g protein 0g carbs and 5g fat check out my sausage gravy sausage cheese balls and sausage egg and cheese breakfast skillet casserole if you love the flavor of hellip.