Loaded baked potato soup this soup is so easy to make it takes less than 20 minutes for a creamy delicious homemade soup the whole family will love the secret to slimming it down is swapping part of the potatoes with cauliflower you can rsquo t even tell if you love potato soup you will also love this potato soup with leeks.

This cauliflower soup was so good i added cheddar cheese so it wasn rsquo t vegan but it was still i rsquo m sure much healthier than the baked potato soup from panera and it tasted just as good my kids loved it too so that rsquo s a huge plus 10 10 i will be making this recipe again.

The only hope i have is soup lots and lots of hot soup i rsquo ve made roasted cauliflower soup and i rsquo ve made crockpot broccoli cheese soup i figured i rsquo d go ahead and marry the two and make a broccoli cauliflower soup this hellip.

This 4 ingredient potato soup is one of the easiest soup recipes on my blog and it rsquo s the ultimate comfort food the basic recipe is one of our favorites but i rsquo ll also share a few of my variations yes you really only need 4 ingredients for this potato soup most of which you probably have on hand.

This easy potato soup recipe has been my tried and true back pocket all time favorite for over a decade now it rsquo s perfectly rich and creamy without using heavy cream it rsquo s full of flavor because bland potato soup is the worst it rsquo s easy to adapt to be vegetarian and or gluten free see below and it is always always a crowd fave.

How can you make potato soup healthier you can definitely lighten up this soup with a few easy shortcuts skip the pork bacon and top with turkey bacon instead use light cream cheese and light shredded cheese to top swap a dollop of sour cream for a dollop of 0 greek yogurt replace half the potato with cauliflower florets.

Dad rsquo s creamy cauliflower soup my late dad loved to cook and soup was one of his many specialties this soup was always a favorite and now i love making it for my family it brings back the memories of our childhood and the love we felt from him.

Adding air fryer baked sweet potato to your diet is a great way to include nourishing and healthy foods in your diet sweet potatoes are packed with fiber potassium vitamins and minerals great ways to prepare sweet potato is to boil bake or roast them today i rsquo m going to show you how i air fry them.

Here are a few ways you can make this instant pot potato soup your own add in a few slices of bacon with your onions and cook on saute until crispy bump up the seasonings add in a bit of cayenne pepper or red chili flakes for some heat if you like it that way mix up the veggies i use onion carrots celery and potatoes mdash a classic soup combo but you can add in hellip.

Potato and broccoli soup this is a thick and creamy soup with potato and broccoli that you rsquo d swear has a bucket of cream in it but it doesn rsquo t have a single drop it rsquo s hearty comforting tastes rich and indulgent but is in fact relatively healthy with just 405 calories for hellip.

How to make potato soup read full instructions and ingredient list here for how to make loaded baked potato soup here is a great recipe for instant pot potato soup option too step 1 cook bacon until crispy in a skillet over medium high heat.

Healthy crockpot potato soup with chicken a thick creamy and seemingly sinful potato soup with chunks of chicken and tons of vegetables potato soup with chicken recipe this is a crockpot potato soup with chicken that is so comforting healthy and is so tasty too don rsquo t you love meals that feel and taste super naughty but aren rsquo t.

Fabulous soup i did not add cream and it rsquo s so yum w 0 trying to cut on calories i also added less potato and roasted cauliflower i always do this for my soups and brussels sprouts and some carrots roasting just gives it that next level of flavor seriously we could rsquo ve eaten it all in one sitting.

Simply delicious broccoli potato soup made using healthy ingredients in a warming nourishing bowl of goodness chunks of potato carrot broccoli and white beans together with a rich and creamy broth a tasty yet guilt free low calorie meal that will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

Cauliflower ndash to get 4 cups of mashed cauliflower from this recipe use a large head of cauliflower about 2 pounds for the whole head which is equivalent to 6 cups or 1 5 pounds of cauliflower florets if you have a small to medium head 4 cups of florets use 2 3 of the other ingredient amounts.

Blended soups are a great way to pack a lot of nutrition into a bowl and this cauliflower and sweet potato soup does just that bringing carrots into the mix as well all of the vegetables along with garlic and onion are sauteed and then simmered in vegetable stock the soup is then blended until thick and creamy.

This simple mix of roasted cauliflower and sweet potato is a great side dish to have in your back pocket with the holiday season here give the dish a second life by using leftovers to make a.

Most people know that potatoes and leeks get along very well in a soup on those occasions where potato has other obligations cauliflower is more than happy to step in you can make this healthy dairy free cauliflower and leek soup in only 30 minutes 14 moroccan roasted cauliflower steaks.

Cauliflower and white bean soup in this delectable creamy soup tender cauliflower florets and cannellini beans sit in a blended base of potatoes onion and parsnip richly flavored with white miso paste and garlic sprinkle with chopped scallions for a pop of sharp onion flavor.

Soup season hack swap pasta and dumplings for cauliflower gnocchi like in this recipe get the recipe per serving using potato gnocchi 282 calories 5 3 g fat 955 mg sodium 38 5 g carbs 6.

Cauliflower ndash fresh or frozen in bite sized florets breadcrumbs ndash i used panko breadcrumbs because i find they rsquo re best for really crispy cauliflower but any other breadcrumbs will work too oregano ndash dried you can use thyme basil or a blend instead eggs ndash large eggs this is going to help bind the bread crumbs to our cauliflower.