Our favorite ground beef casserole but low carb our keto hamburger casserole recipe has less than 10 carbs per serving and is ready in under 1 hour with only 15 minutes of prep its easy packed with flavor keto and gluten free everyone in the family is going to love this easy hamburger casserole recipe.

4 steak and mushroom gravy we all know that steak regardless of the cut is not an affordable option for most of us out there and so this lsquo steak rsquo made up of hamburger meat is economical juicy and the end result of mixing ground beef with eggs and cream and shaped into patties and fried is much greater than the sum of its parts the mushroom gravy makes use of hellip.

Cheap delicious and filling ground beef is a keto friendly animal protein staple that is easy to keep on hand either refrigerated or frozen cutting the carbs out of ground beef recipes doesnt have to involve any less satisfaction from your meals so we have a full dozen keto ground beef recipes for you to try whether youre in the mood for something classic like a hellip.

Keto hamburgers ndash beef vegged up paleo beef burgers ndash paleo flourish ingredients ground beef leeks parsley eggs salt pepper this is a recipe which can be so versatile allowing you to add in your own favourite veggies or whatever you have in the fridge instead of leeks you could add onion or peppers for a more mediterranean.

You can even cook ground beef frozen in a frying pan soak ground beef in a large pot or sink that is filled with hot tap water just put the frozen ground beef in a ziplock bag before submerging it into the water for 30 minutes after 30 minutes it should be used immediately never defrost ground beef on the kitchen counter.

Hamburger patties 1 frac12 lbs 650 g ground beef or ground turkey 1 1 egg eggs 3 oz 9 tbsp 85 g 130 ml crumbled feta cheese 1 tsp 1 tsp salt frac14 tsp frac14 tsp ground black pepper 2 oz 3 frac12 cups 55 g 800 ml fresh parsley finely chopped 1 tbsp 1 tbsp olive oil for frying 2 tbsp 2 tbsp butter for frying.

Ground beef lends itself to a multitude of amazing recipes but it rsquo s easy to fall into making the same old same old ground beef meals wondering about different things to cook with hamburger meat.

From cheeseburgers to nachos there rsquo s a lot you can do with ground beef and these tasty ground beef casserole recipes are a great place to start easy economical and very nourishing ground beef is one of those versatile ingredients beloved by thrifty cooks.

Salisbury steak this easy recipe for air fryer salisbury steak with bbq sauce is perfect for using up ground beef the inside of each patty is juicy and packed with flavor the best part is this meal is ready in only 20 minutes.

Can you make ground beef stroganoff ahead yes keto beef stroganoff with ground beef is a perfect make ahead meal here rsquo s how to prep things ahead cook spaghetti squash and store in the refrigerator make low carb ground beef stroganoff through step 4 then let cool and refrigerate.

Japanese hamburger steak is sure to become your new favorite way to make ground beef patties ground beef and squash is another quick and easy dinner idea for busy weeknights follow me on facebook pinterest and instagram for more easy keto recipes.

For keto dieters it rsquo s also a perfect dish to put in your weekly rotation it rsquo s low carb high fat and best of all it rsquo s dangerously satisfying it rsquo s one dish you can make on budget using ground beef or leftover beef strips the recipe is quite forgiving of any last minute subs and add ins but note that it can change the macros.

To make the steak add the beef egg almond flour parmesan onion garlic powder salt and pepper to a mixing bowl and combine well form beef mixture into 4 oval patties heat the butter and avocado oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat until hot add the beef patties and cook for 5 minutes covered.

Anyway my favorite was the not keto salisbury steak ndash mostly because it came with the cherry pie which was my preferred dessert option the salisbury ldquo steak rdquo itself was basically a hamburger with gravy on it which wasn rsquo t nearly as offensive as the awful gelatinous round slices of fake turkey with gravy that my brothers usually got they preferred the apple hellip.

Yummy dried beef gravy in 20 minutes dried beef gravy ndash in a medium saucepan over low heat melt butter tear the dried beef into small pieces stir into the butter this creamed chipped beef gravy over toast recipe is so simple to make and delicious and if you rsquo re looking for some guidance on.

More ground beef keto recipes i love using ground beef or hamburger in recipes because it adds so much flavor and it rsquo s low carb subsequently i have quite a few ground beef keto recipes some of my most popular posts are this cheesesteak ground beef skillets and this ground beef and broccoli post.

We love ground beef recipes like our popular meatloaf or this easy beef chili if you have some ground beef and don rsquo t know what to do with it this salisbury steak is a must try homemade salisbury steak is perfect for busy weeknights it comes together quickly is inexpensive to make uses pantry staples and is flavor packed.