Sushi roll or roll sushi for japanese is a unique westernized version of the japanese maki sushi or maki zushi like the maki sushi it usually involves rolling the rice and nori using a makisu unlike in japan however these have gone beyond the traditional japanese maki sushi by changing the filling adding toppings finding alternatives to nori and even hellip.

How to make smoked cream cheese it rsquo s super simple and incredibly delicious this tiktok recipe comes from user bigksque and we are eternally grateful first things first you rsquo ll need a block of cream cheese an 8 ounce block of philadelphia cream cheese should be the perfect amount but you can use whatever you have available.

Maki sushi rolls lolibox smoked salmon nori sheet cheese surimi zucchini and avocado sushi marmita natural yogurt black mustard seeds sushi rice olive oil chopped parsley and 8 more fresh goat cheese liquid cream hazelnut oil coarse salt chive and 1 more.

1 2 lb imitation crab meat p s the ldquo log rdquo shaped crab meat is the easiest to work with 1 avocado ripe but still firm 1 2 medium cucumber hellip.

Sushi is a japanese food consisting of cooked rice layered and rolled up with amazingly delicious and sometimes zany ingredients like seafood vegetables and even tropical fruits ingredients and forms of sushi presentation vary widely but all sushi rolls contain rice whether white or brown.

However some rolls come laced with mayo and cream cheese and without any real meat so they offer very little by way of nutrition check out our sushi roll nutrition breakdowns below and find out which sushi rolls you should order for weight loss and which sushi rolls you should avoid all nutrition info is based on 6 8 pieces.

Many people avoid sushi because they are afraid of eating raw fish the good news is that there are many options to choose from that are made with vegetables cooked seafood or other cooked proteins grab your chopsticks and dig into these 23 popular cooked sushi that you can order at a japanese restaurant or easily make at home.