Avocado and soft boiled egg grilled cheese with sriracha grilled cheese social whether eaten for breakfast or lunch this avocado and egg grilled cheese sandwich is a gift to your tastebuds the nutty flavored gouda pairs perfectly with the avocado and boiled egg and a bit of spicy sriracha offers a little kick.

Count us in with a whopping 3 cups of spinach per sandwich youre sure to get your daily dose of vitamins a and e thin sliced prosciutto gives protein without unhealthy fats and a poached egg adds even more protein for healthy fats add avocado a favorite so far among breakfast sandwich chefs and thin sliced real cheddar cheese.

I rsquo ve never met a breakfast sandwich i didn rsquo t love it rsquo s a filling and flavorful way to start the day and doesn rsquo t take much to pull together a sandwich that rsquo s seriously delicious best of all not only are the combinations nearly endless but most breakfast sandwiches can also be made ahead of time.

Wake up to this savory creamy satisfying breakfast sandwich that stuffs and grills your favorite morning ingredients mdash soft scrambled eggs creamy avocado crispy chorizo sharp cheddar cheese and buttery muenster mdash between two thick slices of toasted white bread.

The blt is a classic breakfast sandwich but adding fried egg avocado and cheese takes it to another level yes that rsquo s a lot of ingredients in one hellip.

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Avocado toast with sunny side egg now this is my kind of breakfast egg sandwich and it takes under 5 minutes to make avocado toast with sunny side egg made on whole grain toast with mashed avocado a runny egg and a few dashes of hot sauce ndash 5 ingredients 5 minutes to make it doesn rsquo t get better than that.

4 avocado tuna salad bagel sandwich served on a whole wheat bagel with fresh greens this amazing tuna salad sandwich is practically a superfood there rsquo s no mayo in this dreamy tuna salad instead it rsquo s a rich blend of avocado and cream cheese flavored with fresh cilantro and a lime vinaigrette.

An egg sandwich is a great to start your day these savory breakfasts offer great nutrients plus theyre fast and easy weve got recipes that will answer all of your morning sandwich cravings.

The recipe for gartens avocado and fried egg tartine appears in the republished version of the barefoot contessa cookbook which originally came out in 1999 garten reveals in the recipes description that this avocado and fried egg tartine is always her first choice for a quick and satisfying breakfast or lunch.

Avocado lovers don rsquo t despair yet the whole grain toast is also topped with tomato and of course avocado then lightly seasoned with hellip.

Avocado egg salad sandwiches with pickled celery recipe to prevent avocado from browning in leftover egg salad place any remaining salad in a bowl and cover surface with plastic wrap then cover the entire bowl tightly with plastic wrap.

Egg and avocado toast variations this avocado toast recipe with the bonus egg on top is amazing as far as healthy breakfast ideas go however there are plenty of ways to jazz it up everything bagel seasoning is so good sprinkled on top of the egg or avocado or both if you like a little kick add a few dashes of hot sauce.

I recently made ina gartens new recipe for avocado and fried egg tartines anneta konstantinides insider ina garten has a new elevated spin on avocado toast and i recently made the recipe at home.

Milk avocado swiss cheese zucchini lettuce croissant tomatoes and 5 more roast beef and caramelized onion croissant sandwich hot eats and cool reads butter heinz yellow mustard brown sugar tomato deli roast beef and 4 more.