Mexican cuisine draws on indigenous staples like chile peppers and corn turn the latter into homemade masa which can be used as a base for the best masa recipes namely excellent tortillas and.

The tortilla is to mexican food what bread is to the french but mexicans also frequently enjoy tortas too one popular torta is the cemita sandwich which is commonly served in puebla for a quick meal.

Directions tacos are a very traditional mexican food easy to make and to eat as it is always hand sized and couple of bites the 50 of taco success is tortilla ndash i prefer corn tortillas but i know people who like flour tortillas with beef more.

This mexican street corn recipe is a common mexican street food that is made by grilling corn on the cob and then coating it with a mixture made up of mayonnaise sour cream cotija cheese chile powder and lime also called elotes this easy to make mexican corn on the cob recipe is a perfect appetizer or side dish for any outdoor gathering.

If you are a fan of authentic mexican food this tamales recipe is definitely for you tamales are delicious and are a bit of an art form to get right ldquo a falta de pan tortilla rdquo a popular saying in mexico is ldquo a falta de pan tortilla rdquo translated into english this means ldquo if you don rsquo t have bread use a tortilla rdquo.

This is the best mexican rice recipe that is so good and so easy it is our go to side dish for any mexican dinner we serve this rice dish alongside refried beans or slow cooker mexican beans and with our favorite meals like ground beef enchiladas chicken tacos and carne asada the best easy mexican rice recipe by far this is one of my favorite and most hellip.

Elote recipe we call this mexican corn elotes but it should just be known as the best corn ever the sweetness of the corn salty cheese creamy mayonnaise smoky chile spicy hot sauce and burst of lime come together in one incredible combination that hellip.

Instructions preheat oven to 400f degrees with a rack in the middle combine the milk water oil and salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat.

Authentic mexican pozole a traditional mexican recipe pozole is a brothy stew made with pork loin neck bones or ribs hominy and rich blend of vegetables chiles and spices while customarily served as a celebratory dish for new year rsquo s eve mexican independence day birthdays quinceaneras weddings holidays and christmas it also makes a wonderful hellip.

This capirotada or mexican bread pudding features layers of nuts cheese dried fruit and bread drizzled with cinnamon infused sugar syrup ingredients 1 1 4 cups packed dark brown sugar1 1 4 cups water 2 3 inch cinnamon sticks 4 1 2 cups 1 2 inch cubed french bread about 8 ounces 1 4 cup golden raisins 1 4 cup slivered almonds.

Authentic mexican pork carnitas can also be cuban ropa viejas second cousin now in mexico there is another close relative to the authentic mexican pork carnitas called cochinita pibil a dish of mayan origin cooked with achiote paste and herbs achiote paste is made with annatto seeds mixed with many herbs and spices such as cumin.

Some other ways to eat this authentic mexican chicken tinga tostadas these are crispy corn tortillas tostadas are a sturdy base for various mexican toppings and very easy to find in grocery stores traditional tostadas start with a layer of refried beans add chicken tinga then top with shredded lettuce avocado or radishes slices.

Authentic fideo mexican pasta recipe i rsquo m about to share grandma rsquo s old authentic fideo mexican pasta recipe with you you are in for a treat this recipe is amazing every time i make it i have people tell me they have never tasted this flavor anywhere and it hellip.

4 creamed corn sub if you cant get canned creamed corn use this as a sub we tried it and its near perfect use 1 can of corn kernels put all the corn 1 3 of the liquid in the can 1 tbsp flour into a bowl then blitz with hand blender or use blender until you cant see whole corn kernels anymore but there are still corn chunks dont to puree.

To this day someone always brings a bag of assorted mexican sweet breads from a local bakery on sundays for dessert and at least half of the bread in there is conchas the other half is a mixture of some random muffins and marranitos my other favorite.

Sweet mexican corn cake mexican sweet corn cake it rsquo s moist and sweet and a perfect way to end any mexican meal what rsquo s so special about a mexican corn cake well for starters it uses three different forms of corn corn flour corn meal and actual corn so from that alone you already know how much this cake is bursting with corn flavor.

Champurrado the mexican version of hot chocolate is sold from street stands and packed in a thermos to share with friends and family during the vigil hours corn water milk chocolate piloncillo or brown sugar and occasionally aniseed or cinnamon simmer for 20 minutes whisk continuously to mix well and make it foamy and airy.

30 delicious and authentic brazilian recipes from main dishes to amazing desserts that you gotta make at home brazilian cheese bread get the recipe here 2 feijoada black bean and pork stew mexican street corn apple slaw get new recipes via email subscribe fall recipes.

Soft tortilla brand mdash actually i was going to mention that i rsquo m kind of obsessed with this white corn tortilla brand that i bought randomly that rsquo s totally not authentic given the weird ingredient list but still delicious when i googled the brand i learned they were low carb or healthful i can assure you i was not shopping for either but they have a great flavor and slight hellip.