Leslie budewitz ah pity the poor brussels sprout much maligned ignored in the produce section dismissed as unworthy of a sophisticated plate or palate well i rsquo m hardly sophisticated and i rsquo m late to my love of them but roast the little critters and they become downright delicious a note.

Christmas dinner no 2 roast chicken or roast pork loin browned potatoes mashed rutabaga turnip string beans fried pineapple celery mince pie nuts and fruit coffee aunt sammys radio recipes revised u s department of agriculture bureau of home economics 1931 p 7.

I also made the fried chicken from your website lol reply janina says march 8 2018 at 3 56 pm i made this for my aunt and uncle along with my two little cousins i made the homemade mac and cheese and the cornbread dressing according to the recipes and they were both a hit i rsquo m excited to cook and this website is a big reason why.