If you are using the kitchenaid food grinder set the mixer on the no 4 speed andouille is most typically a country style coarse sausage if you want you can even hand mince the meat yourself tip hand mince 1 4 of the meat and fat mixture to get a more interesting texture for your sausage.

Andouille sausage and corn chowder andouille sausage and corn chowder view recipe this link opens in a new tab heres a spicy and smoky corn chowder that pairs perfectly with homemade crusty french bread if you prefer a thicker chowder according to recipe creator wyattdogster you can stir in a can of creamed corn.

When it comes to what to serve with corn chowder cured meats are a no brainer corned beef country ham prosciutto pancetta or sausage be it italian andouille or chorizo any and all of these can go great alongside mdash or on top of mdash corn chowder set up a charcuterie board like no other and make soup season sing.

Option start by cooking 4 strips of bacon crumbling and setting aside before using the bacon grease to cook the veggies instead of the oil and then use the crumbled bacon as garnish option omit the carrots and celery option replace the potato with cauliflower option fry the ham until slightly crispy on the outside before adding it to the soup.

Try this warming corn chowder with sausage and potatoes for a filling weekend lunch or a light dinner made with both frozen and creamed corn its chock full of tasty corn flavor its great with italian sausage but you can use hellip.

Smoked sausage gumbo ndash while i love to use andouille in my gumbo that can be hard to find in canada sometimes i just use some of this smoked italian sausage and it works great smoked sausage minestrone ndash the smoky flavour from the italian sausage really enhances the taste of this minestrone soup.

Seafood succotash add 8 to 16 ounces of cooked chopped lobster meat or cooked shrimp along with the cream creole succotash add a 14 5 ounce can of tomatoes and 1 2 cup of chopped celery to the pan with the onions add cooked sliced okra along with the lima beans and corn and then add some sliced cooked andouille sausage and cooked shrimp just hellip.

If you dont have smoked sausage ham or even chicken pieces can be substituted chicken sausage or andouille sausage could also be used as a substitute easy weeknight recipe ideas crock pot smoked sausage corn chowder instant pot ham and beans crock pot chicken and potatoes crock pot smoked sausage cabbage and potatoes.

The restaurant specializes in seafood with dishes like little neck clams with andouille sausage sesame seared tuna and lobster cocktail also featured are a variety of prime meats more info.