The best soda bread my best friend rita shared this irresistible irish soda bread recipe it bakes up high with a golden brown top and a combination of sweet hellip.

Jalapeno cheddar irish soda bread ndash a savory quick bread perfect to serve with dinner and loaded with flavor of spicy jalapeno and gooey cheddar from carleen at snack rules gluten free strawberry shortcakes vegan ndash this is a lovely gluten free quick bread that rsquo s also vegan the fluffy shortcakes are topped with fresh strawberries and.

I live at 6000 ft what i do is halve the baking soda decrease the sugar slightly and add a tablespoon or two more flour at 9000 ft you would probably want to decrease the baking soda even more to a quarter or even an eighth of the stated amount i find baking soda is more problematic than baking powder.

Skip the sandwich bread mdash go straight for the good stuff make the traditional irish meal in your slow cooker for amazingly tender beef 21 easy irish desserts to make for st pattys day.

Part 2 make the dough it rsquo s super soft heads up yes really the dough takes 35 minutes to mix using a stand mixer it will look like a sticky unusable paste for the first 25 minutes and even once ready it will still be a very very soft dough.

Measure the flour sugar cocoa powder baking powder bi carb soda and salt into the tm bowl and sift for 5 seconds speed 8 set aside in a separate bowl place the the buttermilk oil eggs and vanilla in the thermomix bowl and mix on speed 3 until well combined.

Cooking dried beans in the instant pot is amazingly easy you dont even have to soak the dried beans and you can turn a bag of dried beans into a delicious dish that is packed full of nutrition for less than 3 you have the beginnings of a healthy meal side dish or hellip.