Smoothies may seem like a no brainer just fill a blender with fruit ice and milk or juice and let lsquo er rip.

With no artificial colors or ingredients and just 1 gram of natural sugar per serving this powder is a clean option but by itself it isnt the most palatable thats where smoothies come in mix this powder with fresh fruit your favorite leafy green and some unsweetened almond milk for a rich filling meal.

A smoothie is so much more than blended fruit its an art with all of its different elements blending perfectly together just in case these 29 smoothies arent enough here is hellip.

Fruit smoothies unlike real fruit these drinks usually contain zero blood sugar balancing fiber that rsquo s because most are made with water and natural sugar pulled from fruit not the fibrous roughage bottled premade versions can be even worse because manufacturers often add extra sugar too.

The best blender makes light work of pulverizing fruit and vegetables making it ideal for creating everything from smoothies and silky soups to creamy condiments and even rich dips and sauces.