The studies have shown that citronella candles work about 40 of the time this means that 60 of the time you may end up with bites i rsquo d still much rather use an all natural bug spray in combination with citronella candles to reduce the chances of me getting bitten than dose myself in deet and chemicals daily just to prevent bites.

Although some of these candles will actually come close to it in price top 17 most expensive candles in the world these candles range from 270 grams to about 600 grams i calculated the cost per gram to place the candles more appropriately in the list relative to their size that rsquo s why some lower priced candles end up higher on the list.

I am very eager to try and make a couple of candles myself i am a bit confused though i live in eastern europe supplies are limited but at least present to some extent when i look for oils to scent the candles i can only find the small 10 ml bottles which seems off since most sites say to shoot for a 6 10 oil content.

This original lantern for candles is one of the best when it comes to adding warmth to your tent during winter explorations it comes with 4 tealight candles two scented citronella flavor and 2 classic whites this lantern comes with a storage fleece bag for transit convenience and comfort an affiliate advertising program designed to.